Tuscan Feeling

Our Mission

When we chose the name of our agency, we thought of the sensations we wanted to convey about Tuscany!

The Tuscany that we love and that we want to offer is the place of daily emotions, of simple sensations to be rediscovered through our senses,
with body and mind.
In our daily life, which is always hectic, sensations are often trampled on: a holiday is an opportunity to slow down and savor them again.

Tuscan Feeling is the variety of colors that nature can offer in the different seasons: discover Tuscany through your view.
Tuscan Feeling is the ancient flavor of a simple meal: discover Tuscany through your Taste.
Tuscan Feeling is the scent of the numerous fragrances of the countryside: discover Tuscany through your sense of smell.
Tuscan Feeling is the harmony of the Baths: discover Tuscany through your Body.
Tuscan Feeling is the sound of Silence: discover Tuscany by listening to the Peace of Nature.
Tuscan Feeling is the emotion of Infinite time: discover Tuscany with a New Rhythm of Life.

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